Below are options I have found on Amazon that I believe to be very reasonable both in price and review.

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Arch Support Insole for Men

Flexible Flat Foot

Women's Arch Support Insole for flexible flat foot.  Low to normal weight and activity.  Choose Shoe size

Bunion Irons for creating space for your bunion in leather or other shoes.

Old School but may be an answer to avoid surgery.

In Shoe Heel Raise.  For use after Achilles Surgery or Achilles rupture during rehabilitation

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Right Small Aircast A60 Ankle Brace upto size 7 Shoe.

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Right Medium Aircast A60 Ankle Brace Shoe size 8-

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Right Large Aircast Ankle Brace Shoe size >10

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Left Small Aircast Ankle Brace.

Shoe size up to 7

Left Medium Aircast Ankle Brace.

Shoe size 8-10

Left Large Aircast Ankle Brace

Shoe Size >10

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Simple Bunion Spacer and 2nd Toe protector

Silicon Toe Sleeves to protect against rubbing corns

Even Up Shoe raise to balance when Aircast Boot or Heel Wedge Shoe on other foot

Plaster Cast / Backslab - Waterproof Shower Bag

zinc oxide Toe Tape for Plantar Plate Tears or after claw toe correction

Removable Aircast walker boot.  Choose shoe size and use Standard/Elite Boot not Short.

Achilles Stretch Platform

Gradual inclination board that holds foot square and helps stretch calf and Gastrocnemius in particular.

Waterproof cover for your cast.  Showers and careful bathing in pool or bath.

Basic Knee Scooter for Mobility whilst in cast.

Advanced Knee Crutch. For Able people in Below the Knee Cast or Boot Non-weightbearing

Perfect height -

"Toes Above Your Nose"

Foot elevating foam cradle / Pillow.

Wrist splint for sprains or during recovery from fractures.

Good for resting arthritis of the wrist