Lapidus Fusion is a surgical technique to correct a severe bunion. It is used particularly in certain scenarios:-

1. There is Arthritis of the 1st Tarsometatarsal Joint
2. There is hyper mobility of the 1st Tarsometatarsal Joint
3. There is associated flat foot in part derived from the 1st Tarsometatarsal Joint

An Xray demonstrating a bunion ( Hallux Valgus) Deformity

Xray Showing a Lapidus fusion performed with 2 screws (

Click for an animation about the Surgery

A small 'Plantar Lapidus Plate' (WRIGHT Medical) used to secure the surgery

Recovery is much the same as for the more standard bunion procedures but the risks a little higher and satisfaction rates a little lower as its reserved for the more severe cases.