Ruptured Achilles Tendon Repair

A good video  found explaining the principles of the Open Repair surgery

After a Surgical repair by Mr. Williams of your Achilles rupture you will be in a below knee plaster cast splint for 2 weeks to rest the wound and strive for uncomplicated healing.

  • With The cast on you should essentially bare no weight through the foot.
  • The cast will be positioned  with your toes pointing down (Ballet dancer position)
  • You Must rest with the foot elevated "Toes Above Your Nose" as much as possible. (Approx 50mins of every Hour)
  • Try to rest your foot on its side to avoid direct pressure on the stitches at the back.

This video shows how an equinus (Toes pointing) cast can be applied.

At 2 weeks you will have a wound check and possibly some stitches removed.  You will then be put into a removable walker boot with wedges of foam under your heel


The wedges are sequentially removed at 1-2 week intervals initially supervised by Mr. Williams or a physio then with confidence by the patient.

In this Boot you can and should walk fully weight bearing as part of the treatment strategy.

You will be advised to remove the boot regularly during the day for specific physio exercises.

Once you have been walking with No wedges in the boot you will be guided to wean out of it into a trainer or similar using a small heel lift device about 10mm high.

Physiotherapy rehabilitation then begins accelerating as strengthening and gait rebuilding commences.



Next steps...

If you have recently or previously ruptured your achilles and wish to discuss it further do get in contact with Mr. Williams